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How To Download GTA 5 APK To Your Phone 2022

Adventurous game-lovers worldwide are no strangers to Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) by Rockstar Games, one of the fans’ favorites in the action category.


Die-hard gamers are probably familiar with this title on PCs. Here is some good news: You can now download GTA 5 APK to play this game on the go!

About The Game GTA 5

GTA 5 is known for its amazing features unmatched by any other mobile or PC game. The famous action game comes from Rockstar Games and soon captured the attention of enthusiastic, adventure-loving players everywhere.

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So you can be sure that GTA 5 will keep you entertained because of its rich actions and exciting game modes.

Previously, GTA 5 was only accessible using Xbox and PlayStation, but it is now also playable on Windows and smartphones due to popular demands.

Since various independent developers have adapted the game to Android and iOS, you’ll witness its enhanced visuals, graphics, and in-game functions no matter which device you use. Note that GTA 5 is not officially available in the Play Store yet.


Since the game developers introduced new missions and characters to make it even more engaging, the Grand Theft Auto 5 game has a more engaging storyline than the previous version. Dealing with many dangerous characters in this assignment, players will have a lot of fun and unexpected adventures in this story mode.

In this game, you’ll play the criminal role and collaborate with your partners on a theft mission, Michael De Santa. He is a middle-aged thug who joins the government on a crime. His accomplices are Trevor Philips, Michael’s psychopath and former partner-in-crime, and Trevor. Trevor will turn up in the city and run into Michael later.

Together, they reconnect and form a three-person gang to carry out their plan.



Unlike other mobile games, GTA 5 is a major blockbuster. It is truly an intense crime drama with individuals who struggle with anger management issues. The game is also vast in landscapes and greenery, with many options for exploration and free-roaming set in the historical Los Santos and Blaine County (San Andreas) regions.

GTA 5 Android continues the direction set by its predecessors with many upgrades. The GTA 5 is known for its copious amounts of violence, accurate satire, and political incorrectness toward American and Californian society.

In addition, you’ll be amazed by the captivating settings of skyscrapers, luxurious homes, ghettos, or disoriented woodlands and deserts. On top of that, they are packed with negative, well-designed NPCs.

gta 5 2022

Gameplay Modes

The developers of GTA 5 included a multiplayer component called GTA Online to the game’s PC, Xbox, and Android mobile versions. Players create personalized characters to their liking in this feature and begin cooperating or working alone on robbery or assassination missions.

But be careful! The game becomes harder with each mission, so finishing it requires excellent gaming abilities. You’ll soon be enthralled by the diversity GTA 5 offers in each mission.

Our advice is to try your best to finish existing core challenges to improve your skills before trying to unlock new levels. Once you’re more adept, you can now try to complete extra missions. Pay attention to additional tasks that may help you earn more prizes on the go.

GTA 5 Game Features

System Requirements

To play this game on the phone, you’ll need one with an Android operating system and good performance.

  • Ram: 4GB+
  • CPU: Minimum 2 Core
  • Device system: Android 6.0 or later


  • High-Definition Graphics. The beautiful app design receives massive praises from the gaming community.
  • Good player control. Whether you’re new or experienced, you can always easily take control of the game.
  • Game vehicles, characters, and designs are fantastic. The design excellence gives the game an authentic taste.
  • Many customizable options. GTA 5 is heaven for custom vehicles, clothes, and other gears as long as you have the cash to do it. The possibilities are endless!
  • Interesting and heart-stopping missions. There are hardly any missions that fail to capture your attention. Every challenge is carefully designed with attractive prizes and actions.

Some new features are exclusive to this release of the GTA series. We have listed most of its impressive features. After playing it yourself, you’ll discover even greater potential to add to your gaming experience!


GTA 5 is unrivaled compared to other action-filled games. Are you filled with thrills and spills yet? It’s time to fully explain how to install GTA 5 on an Android device to experience the awesome game.

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How To Download GTA 5 To Your Android Phone

1. Enable Unknown Sources

As this apk is not officially launched on the Google Play store, your device must allow for downloads from a third party.

First, go to your phone Settings. Then, select Security, and turn on Unknown Sources, which should enable your download in a minute.

2. Download GTA 5 APK

You can hit the download link below to start download the GTA 5 Mobile APK file. Connect your device to the computer if you’re downloading a file from a PC. This APK file has a total size of 36 MB.

Wait until the download is complete and click on the file by navigating Manager > Download. As soon as you open the file, a pop-up message will appear.

Accept all the messages to start installing.

3. Open the GTA 5 Game

The GTA 5 icon should be visible after successfully installing the APK on your phone. Now, you can start playing exciting game levels!

Where to Download


A game like Grand Theft Auto 5 has incredible features unsurpassed by any other game. The diverse game-controlling functions and action-based fighting in GTA 5 will keep your interest. Download it and have fun today!



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